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Body Wash: Infused with coffee bean extract creating a very aromatic scent of hot chocolate with a dash of vanilla. This blend instantly delights the mood, nourishes and hydrates the skin leaving it moisturised and clean.
Body Lotion: This non - greasy light blend instantly repairs and restores skin leaving it moisturised and hydrated.
Body Wash:
- Gentle cleanser and with daily indulgence of fragrance.
- Hydrating and Nourishing.
Body Lotion:
- Balances skin oil.
- Fast absorbing, non - greasy, non - sticky.
- Calms irritation and tight skin.
- Nourishes skin for 48 hours.
1. Pour the gel on wet loofah or palm.
2. Massage gently all over the wet body, rinse thoroughly.
3. Follow it up by applying The Real Man Balance Body lotion for best results.
4. Take a generous amount of lotion in your palm. Gently massage it all over your body. For better results use it after taking shower with The Real Man Shower gel.
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