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Mask: This formula is designed to prevent hair loss, improve density without weighing the hair.
Shampoo: This formula gently cleanses, strengthens hair and nourishes scalp for healthy looking hair.
Conditioner: This formula moisturises hair, improves density making it soft, shiny and manageable.
Serum: This leave-on scalp serum blend soothes irritated scalp, revives the hair, promotes new hair growth and prevent damage and hair fall.
Tired of hair fall? Everything you tried is not working? We've got your back! Carefully curated perfect ritual for stronger thicker hair with The Real Man's Strength Hairfall Control Kit.

This Kit Includes:
1. Strength Shampoo
2. Strength Conditioner
3. Strength Hair Mask
4. Strength Scalp Serum
- Apply a small amount into palm and evenly distribute into hair from root to ends. For optimum results, allow the steam from the shower to penetrate each strand.
- Leave it on hair for 30 minutes to 2 hours before shampooing.
- Massage a generous of shampoo into your wet hair. Work it into a lather and massage the scalp with fingers. Give a good rinse and follow with conditioner.
- After shampoo, take a generous amount of conditioner and spread it through wet locks avoiding the roots. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off.
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